i still wasn't completely happy with where i was going with my woodworking.  i was learning the business thats true but the spark and fire had yet to be lit.
taos was the answer.  taos was my salvation.  taos was my kind of town.  taos was happening.  taos is where i spent ten years which started as a three year repet performance on my production furniture skills with 'taos style furniture'  one year with my oldest friend bruce with 'whispers gallery' where i created 'creatures' my folk art wooden jewelry and wall snakes business.  had resale places in taos, sante fe, new york city, and san francisco. 
then finally!  wildwood fine furniture.  i was building furniture for two wonderful furniture designers in taos and finally was  starting my own line.  designed and built furniture for clients all over the united states, the netherlands, japan and france.