we start with an idea of what you would like to see in a custom piece of furniture.  what works best is to go to your home and pull idea's from your home's style.  we take your ideas and our ideas and experience in furniture design and i draw a sketch of what the piece could look like.   we decide, at this point what materials to use, details, hardware, and finish.  the next step is to do a 'scale drawing' of the piece or pieces.  i charge $40 per hour for drawing time.  if you approve the drawing, the design time is deducted from the cost of the piece of furniture.  if there are design changes, then i would need to be compensated for extra design time.  once the design is accepted and we have presented you with a full price, we would require 50% down.  the remaining 50% plus tax (on materials only which is 7.5%) will be due upon completion of any given piece of furniture.  any quoted price stands, if there are not any further changes made during construction.  if changes are added to the original design then the price will be adjusted and extra cost, if necessary, will be added to remaining 50%.  if you order three or more pieces at one time you will receive a discount.
i have been building furniture for forty years and always put my best into everything i do.  so you will receive a fine product that can be handed down for generations instead of being part of the land fill.


719-657-4757 / wild4wood@qwestoffice.net