i've been doing woodworking ever since i was a young lad.  like to build wooden cars.  pushed friends around in those wooden cars at the old tennis court in alamosa on the adam state college campus.  it was great fun being a kid and growing up here in the san luis valley.
i started my woodworking career framing houses.  twenty years old and full of vigor but the framing was boring and i wanted to make pretty things out of wood, so it was off to the city to try my hand at furniture building.
i lived on pearl street about three blocks from the capitol building and right across the alley from the unsinkable molly browns house.  parked my van in front of her house and used to walk past the stone lions guarding the front door every day on my way to work.  work was building dinette sets and because of my enthusiasm i was made shop foreman and thus my furniture career had began.
in the early 70's i returned to my roots in alamosa and with backpacking friend dave montgomery we opened 'MONFORD STOP GALLERY'
('mon' for montgomery / 'ford' for crawford / 'st' for studio as dave is a fine

'op' for shop because i built and repaired clocks and painted and carved signs).  we were the first gallery in the san luis valley, at least in our life time.  dave and i helped start the first sunshine festival with ruthy brown and susan gosar.  i can still remember that most people didn't want to support a bunch of hippies who wanted to put on a art show in the park. thirty years later, the show goes on.
now lets go 'back to the furniture'.  strange, i just looked out the window of our business here in del norte and across the street was a right drive stainless DE LOREAN           hmm serendipity.  my next adventure in furniture was in albuquerque with a company called 'touchstone'.  touchstone is a custom lighting company that creates wooden siding for those ugly fluorescent fixtures.  this was really my first experience at designing lighting, furniture and complete shop design and production.  i designed all lighting fixtures, furniture, designed the wood shop and created all products for the production line.